Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of our commonly asked questions, if you can not find an answer to your question please Contact Us

Q. What Areas do you cover?

A. We typically cover within a 20 mile radius of Grantham, Lincolnshire! – See our Coverage Map!

This includes Grantham and surrounding villages as far as Waltham on the Wolds

Bourne, Morton, Corby Glen and surrounding villages as far as Thurlby

Sleaford, Heckington, Billingborough and as far as Billinghay

Colsterworth and South Witham

Q. What is your cleaning process?

A. In order to clean your bins effectively we use Environmentally friendly and fully bio degradable chemicals in our bin washing machines

We pressure wash the inside of your bin to remove any stuck dirt and grime and empty the water we use back into our machine where it is filtered by our 5 filter system to be reused!

Once we have pressure washed your bin we will Wipe down the outside with a cloth and our bin fresh chemical before returning it to your property!

Q. How much do you charge for bin cleaning?

A. Please see our Price List for our most up to date prices for both domestic and commercial bins.

Q. How often do you clean our Bins?

A. We work on a 4 Weekly basis, This means we will clean your bin every 4 weeks on the day it is emptied by the council or one day later if we are not in the area on your bin day!

Q. Its a Bank Holiday! Will my bin still be cleaned?

A. Yes! Depending on your local authority we will still clean your bin on the bank holiday or the following day if your local authority does not empty bins on bank holidays.

Q. I have loose Dog & Cat Waste in my bin, Will you clean it?

A. We do ask customers to bag all Dog & Cat Waste, In the case of loose waste in bins we will not clean your bin (this may still encounter a charge)

Q. You have missed my bin what happens now?

A. We apologise if we have missed your bin, this could be for any number of reasons so we advise you Contact Us to find out what has happened and we can resolve any issues as quickly as passable.

Q. I have missed a payment what do I do now?

A. If you have missed a payment don’t worry you have 28 Days from the date of your last clean to make a payment to us.

If you are on one of our subscription plans then we will automatically retry payment in a few days. If your payment continues to fail we will contact you and temporarily suspend your account until payment can be taken.

If you are one of our cash or card customers you can pay us next time we are in your area or pay us online by going to our Make a Payment or Settle Account Page.

Q. What is My Minimum Term?

A. Your Minimum Term is Minimum length of time you have agreed to stay with us, For our Monthly customers this is 2 Months from the Date of your first clean, For Annual customers this 12 Months from the date of your annual payment. If you wish to cancel within your minimum term this will incur a early Cancellation Fee, Please Contact Us for further information.